Going to Align Me  is the best thing I ever did

"After many years of trying to find help with aches and pains and trying many things from physio, Osteo and chiro, I was recommended to go see Dianne and its been the best thing I ever did. I've had amazing results with many areas, some years old, now gone.

After an ultrasound telling me I had a real nasty bursitis, 2 treatments with Dianne and it's been gone for over a year. I would 100 percent recommend her without hesitation — it's different and it works, no thumping... just soft and gentle."

— Lois

Health and wellbeing are in your own hands

Or at least, in Dianne's hands!

All too often, 'conventional' medical wisdom has it that your options are limited to drugs, operations or physiotherapy to deal with what can be crippling physical discomfort. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Emmett Technique that Dianne practices seems magical in its ability to help to body to release restrictions that can cause pain — tight muscles, tendons, ligaments, for example — not only helping with a 'reset' to a pain-free state but also allowing circulation and flexibility to improve. For me, that's meant overcoming constant back pain, dealing with long-standing scar tissue restricting shoulder movement and causing bicep pain and tight forearms, fast recovery from injuries and general maintenance.

Her powerful treatments are gentle,  long-lasting and deliver immediate benefits. You'll go to her hoping for marginal improvement, and (depending on what's happening) are likely to walk out feeling better than you ever imagined possible.

Highly recommended in every way.

— Petra 

Kirsty's story

"I suffered a back injury after lifting a 20kg bucket of milk. In severe pain I went to the doctor and was given heavy medication and told to take a minimum of 2 months off work with a suspected prolapsed disk.

Taking 2 months off in the middle of calving season, one of the busiest times on the farm, wasn’t an option. The prescribed medications weren’t relieving the pain at all, they only messed with my head, I needed relief and I needed it now!

My pain was about 8/10, and it went from my lower back and right down my leg into my foot. I could hardly move, turning over in bed was excruciating.

After my first treatment at Align Me the pain reduced and by the second treatment I was able to go back on the farm on light duties. Within 6 weeks I was back lifting and working at full capacity.

I’m still full time farming and go and have a treatment every 1-2 months, I never want to experience that ever again!"

That feeling of  being on cloud nine

"That feeling of being on cloud 9" is exactly what you feel after a treatment with Dianne. I had injured my knee and ankle in a sporting injury and had been in a moonboot. After months of feeling out of sorts I wanted something that was going to be effective so I tried Dianne at Align Me after hearing the success a friend had had. 

Wow, is all I could say. No words can explain the feelings you have or get during treatment, but after it I was feeling so much better. I have recommended her to all the people I know who have issues and even got my sceptical Dad to try her after he had injured himself. After his first treatment, he was amazed at how good he was feeling and continues to go to her. He now swears by her and her treatment and is now a converted sceptic. 

My husband, son, and daughter have also experienced Dianne's treatment. There's no manipulation of bones or anything, and you barely feel her doing anything. My whanau and I highly recommend Dianne at Align Me to treat your ailments, and she's the only person we call when we need fixing"

— Kelly and whanau

From inevitable operation to pain free

After years of shoulder pain, Evelyn was facing an operation with a minimum 6 month recovery period if she hoped to remain active. For a keen cyclist and skier, that wasn't an attractive prospect but she'd been told that her shoulder joint was damaged and that this damage was causing her pain.

Following just 2 Emmett treatments focussed on releasing restrictions in her chest and pectoral muscles, Evelyn's pain completely disappeared. Not only was she able to avoid an operation, but she's since undertaken trips that have seen her cycling dozens of kilometres a day with no discomfort.

See Emmett in action

In this video, you'll see Ross Emmett - the founder of the EMMETT Technique® - talk about the technique and demonstrate the difference that these gentle and simple corrections can make.