Kirsty's story

"I suffered a back injury after lifting a 20kg bucket of milk. In severe pain I went to the doctor and was given heavy medication and told to take a minimum of 2 months off work with a suspected prolapsed disk.

Taking 2 months off in the middle of calving season, one of the busiest times on the farm, wasn’t an option. The prescribed medications weren’t relieving the pain at all, they only messed with my head, I needed relief and I needed it now!

My pain was about 8/10, and it went from my lower back and right down my leg into my foot. I could hardly move, turning over in bed was excruciating.

After my first treatment at Align Me the pain reduced and by the second treatment I was able to go back on the farm on light duties. Within 6 weeks I was back lifting and working at full capacity.

I’m still full time farming and go and have a treatment every 1-2 months, I never want to experience that ever again!"

From inevitable operation to pain free

After years of shoulder pain, Evelyn was facing an operation with a minimum 6 month recovery period if she hoped to remain active. For a keen cyclist and skier, that wasn't an attractive prospect but she'd been told that her shoulder joint was damaged and that this damage was causing her pain.

Following just 2 Emmett treatments focussed on releasing restrictions in her chest and pectoral muscles, Evelyn's pain completely disappeared. Not only was she able to avoid an operation, but she's since undertaken trips that have seen her cycling dozens of kilometres a day with no discomfort.

See Emmett in action

In this video, you'll see Ross Emmett - the founder of the EMMETT Technique® - talk about the technique and demonstrate the difference that these gentle and simple corrections can make.