"I love that, through what I have learned, people can get back their quality of life."

I first experienced the benefits of Bowen in 2007 when I was searching for help with back pain during the pregnancy of my youngest son.

I quickly sent my husband in for treatment for his long standing ‘builder's back’ issue. Although initially he wasn’t keen, he very soon experienced having a pain free life again and was even booking in what he called his warrant of fitness treatments.

When our local practitioner decided to move to Australia I made a decision to learn Bowen therapy and qualified as a Bowen therapist for people.

I then came across the EMMETT Technique® in 2015, and was amazed by the immediate effectiveness of the treatment. I knew I had to learn more.

I now use both therapies in my treatments.

I learn something new off every client who comes for a treatment, every body is unique, with its own history, and responds in its own way to the release of muscle tension.

I love that, through what I have learned, people can get back their quality of life. My family make the most of treatments on tap and often will come home from a day at school or work and say I need a treatment – aren’t they lucky!


Practitioner — EMMETT Technique
EMMETT Professional (Advanced) Level 5
EMM-Care Disability Support
EMM-Tech Tutor
EMMETT Lymphatic Drainage
Approved Practitioner — Mcloughlin Scar Tissue Release

Practitioner & Emmett Professional - EMMETT Technique
Practitioner & Tutor - EMM-Tech
Approved Practitioner - McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release